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Ye Olde Thirsty Pig was originally a farmhouse believed to be part of the estate of the Archbishops Palace nearby. As such it is very possibly the third oldest building in Maidstone and was built circa 1430 to 1440.

On the corner of Lower Stone Street and Knightrider Street, Ye Olde Thirsty Pig stands at a point which joins two ancient thoroughfares that would have been the beginnings of a settlement in the Middle Ages. Knightrider Street leads down to the site of the original river crossing, the Archbishops Palace and All Saints Church, which was built in the 14th Century on the site of a 7th century Saxon church.

Completed in 1398, All Saints Church hasn't been much altered over time externally, although it lost it's wooden spire in 1730 after it was struck by lightening. Set in the south wall is a 17th Century monument to local man Lawrence Washington who was great-uncle to the first US President George Washington. The memorial bears the stars and stripes of the Washington family Coat-of-arms, which were subsequently adopted for the flag of the United States of America.